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John McElhenney, the author of The Whole Parent, has spoken at SXSW (a national interactive + music conference) as well as other major events and group meetings. He is dynamic and excited when discussing parenting, single parenting, divorce transitions, positive co-parenting, dating again after divorce, and recovery from depression. Mr. McElhenney has a BA in creative writing from the University of Texas (Austin) and has made his living as a writer, designer, and digital marketer since graduating in 1987.

Topics of passion include but are not limited to:

  • Kid-First Parenting
  • Creativity and Joy In Everyday Life
  • Friends on the Path – Building Spiritual Communities
  • Choosing the Positive, Always
  • Letters to My Younger Self
  • Maturing Lovers – Monogamy and the Challenge of Lasting Love
  • Fathers and Daughters – The Teen Parenting Gender Gap
  • Building Creativity Into Your Life and the Happiness that Follows
  • Recovery from Trauma and Depression
  • Dating Again After Divorce
  • Divorce Strategies So Everyone Wins
  • How Divorce Transformed My Life and Relationship with My Kids
  • Parenting Teens in the Age of Technology and Online Dating
  • Conscious Co-parenting: Working Together with the Other Parent to Help Your Kids Win

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